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  Welcome to Voiplanguages.com  

Would you like to speak English, Italian, French, German, Spanish.... Chinese?
The Voiplanguages™ Learning Platform gives you and your personal Tutor the tools to help you learn to speak and understand the foreign language you wish to learn. Where you live or work makes no difference! From any country, city, or village in the world you can study your chosen language with your native speaker Tutor and experience real satisfaction as you learn to speak and understand the language.

.....is a practical 'speaking' method, developed by linguists who used the internet for business communications to people in more than 40 different countries. During your Voiplanguages.com Sessions you live and 'work' in the real world: you listen and speak with your Tutor, you do written exercises, read newspapers and books, create your notes, and much much more.

What is the Mission of the Voiplanguages.com Team?
Most of us know that time is precious, and that time should be used well; our Mission is to ensure that your time spent in Language Learning benefits you in your life, your business, socially, and in your studies.

If you are learning a language for general interest, or for your work, we confidently and warmly invite you to join us. For our part we guarantee your language learning will be a great success!

The Voiplanguages™ Team


For further information, contact info@voiplanguages.com