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  Frequently Asked Questions  

What Language Training expertise do you have?
We have been training private individuals and corporate sponsored language students for over 26 years, including bankers, doctors, lawyers and people from a wide variety of professional fields.

How can I know my exact language level?
Your VoipLanguage Tutor, a native speaker, will assess your skills at the start of the course.

Are your Language Tutors qualified?
Yes - our VoipLanguages Tutors are native speakers holding either a University degree in their own language and/or a recognised qualification in teaching their language as a foreign language, also, each Tutor has received hands-on training in VoipLanguages Methodolgy.

How many lessons will I need?
This clearly depends on your starting level and your final objectives. In the case of Complete Beginners wishing to reach a Survival level, a 30 hour course is a reasonable estimate. As an experienced language Training Institution, we can offer advice on reaching your goals in terms of course duration and activities to help you learn your chosen language.

And if I don't feel comfortable with my Tutor?
While not usually an issue, we appreciate this can happen. If you desire to change Tutor we would arrange for a suitable replacement for you.

Do I receive a Certificate at the end of my course?
Yes - on completion of your course you will receive a Certificate stating the language studied and the level you achieved.

Do I have to pay for the entire course in advance?
No. Payment is typically in two instalments, 50% at the beginning, and 50% mid course.

What times can I choose for my VoipLanguages Sessions?
You can choose to do your Sessions at any time of the day - from early morning to late evening and at weekends.

How do I book my next VoipLanguages Session?
At the end of each Session you agree with your Tutor on the day and time of your next Session.

Can I request to change a Session appoinment?
Yes, all you need to do is send an email to our Administration offices: Sessions@voiplanguages.com who will contact you to confirm an alternative date or time.