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Some words from students around the world.

This is just like being in Italy
Sheena Thomson, New Zealand.
I find the VoipLanguages™ Method very useful. My Sessions are done from home and I choose the time. I learn quickly with my mother tongue tutor. This is a very good method for people like me who use English for their job
Andrea Sturaro, Alcoa
"This is really satisfying! VoipLanguages.com has the balance between Tutor and technology. Thanks to this method I have overcome my shyness and fear of making mistakes. Excellent".
M.T. Paroli, HiT Internet Technologies
With pleasure (and its a real surprise given my initial doubts) I would like to express my fullest satisfaction with the VoipLanguages™ Method. As well as being easy to use it is convenient, saves time travelling, and, most important of all, is really effective”.
Maurizio C. Lawyer, Partner of Leading Legal Firm, Italy
"Four months of twice weekly VoipLanguages™ Sessions and I can honestly say I get much more than I expected from the course - no travelling and being able to stay in my office is one major benefit. Listening, speaking , writing (email & chat), and reading are done without ever wasting time..the entire course is developed to suit my needs, and the website generates practical involvement in using the language as well as keeping me totally concentrated on the activities. I can honestly say I enjoy.this. I really feel I am learning.”
Michael Littleflower, Attorney at Law
I find my Voiplanguages™ English language course really works; it develops the telephoning and email writing skills I need for my work abroad, and has helped me overcome the blocks I had whenever I wanted to use language I had just studied. ". ”.
Luca Chiavegatti, Eurojuris International